About BrightSuite

BrightSuite does more than make homes smarter, it lets you truly enjoy your home technology instead of feeling like you’re fighting against it. We've paired the safety and reliability of our parent company, Dominion Energy, with the most innovative smart home and security products on the market, to bring you intelligent experiences that make life easier, safer, and more satisfying.

As smart home technology continues to evolve, so will BrightSuite. We plan to connect more devices and resources to BrightSuite's intelligent platform, allowing our customers flexibility, customization, and the ability to live more sustainably.

That feeling that you get when everything just works? It’s strangely powerful. It’s blissfully reassuring. It’s Brightly Satisfying.

Mobile AppMobile App
Whether you're home or away, you can control your entire home through a single, intuitive interface on your mobile device. See who's at the front door, dim the lights, adjust the temperature, watch live video, and secure your home, all with a few clicks from wherever you are.
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Mobile AppHardware Partners
We've carefully chosen best-in-class hardware and software to intelligently equip your home, backed by award-winning partners such as Alarm.com, Qolsys and Yale. These partners work together with BrightSuite to seamlessly deliver service as one team, focused on using technology to empower you in your day-to-day life.
Mobile AppCentral Monitoring
Each BrightSuite home is backed by 24/7 professional monitoring, with on-demand access to a live agent at our award-winning response facility. In the event of an emergency, agents in our two fully redundant facilities in New York and California will work with your local emergency management agencies—including police, fire, and medical services—to ensure a rapid response.
Mobile AppInstaller Network
We understand that your family's safety and security can't wait, so when you call for service, one of our fully licensed professional installers will arrive within a one-hour window of your scheduled appointment time. For DIY types, we also offer easy self-setup options for many of our systems.
Mobile AppCustomer Support
Our highly trained customer support agents—who undergo extensive background clearances and fingerprint checks—are ready to assist you with any support need you may have. From help with system or app setup, to after-hours support for non-emergency incidents (emergencies route directly to our monitoring team), our support staff is committed to making sure you and your home are properly taken care of.