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Home security shouldn't be complicated. That's why BrightSuite has simplified the shopping process down to three easy steps. Customize things however you like. Now that's Brightly Satisfying.

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Set The Foundation
Every BrightSuite package starts with a panel that serves as the control hub for all of your devices. It keeps things running smoothly even if your home loses power.
Secure Your Home
BrighSuite systems start off with one door/window sensor and one motion sensor - the rest is up to you. We recommend placing a sensor on every external door and a motion sensor for every 1,000 square feet of interior.
Automate Your Life
Choose from our curated collection of smart devices - from lights and locks to plugs to cameras and more. BrightSuite also works with a number of smart devices you may already have in your home.

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Protection for every window, room and door. Against intruders, fires, water damage, medical emergencies & more. All monitored 24/7 by professionals ready to dispatch police.

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Select the style that works best for you.
Shop by Experience
Shop by Experience
See products grouped together to create brighter home experiences.
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Popular Packages
Popular Packages
Browse our best-selling combos that have worked well for other customers.
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You've customized your perfect system: now what? We offer professional installation for all of our products, and certain products also come with an option for easy self-setup. Have a question about installation? See our support page for more info - we'll be happy to help.
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  • Easy Self-Setup